Call to prioritise elderly and vulnerable people for houses...

Robega – Premier Supra Mahumapelo of the North West Province says the elderly and most vulnerable citizens must be prioritised as beneficiaries of Breaking New Grounds homes in the province.

Mahumapelo said this on Sunday during his unannounced visit to several households in Robega and Rasimone villages in Rustenburg Local Municipality.

“We cannot allow the elderly and most vulnerable people to stay in shacks and uninhabitable houses while young and energetic people get Breaking New Grounds houses.

We must strictly ensure and monitor that only those who are mostly vulnerable get prioritised”, Premier Mahumapelo told the MEC for Local Government and Human Settlement, Fenny Gaolaolwe who accompanied him during this visit.

One of the residents, Motlatsi Makhuthe, 63, of Robega village, was delighted to see the leadership of the province visiting his family. He requested the Premier and the MEC to build his family a house.

“I am so happy that you are here Premier, because as you can see, I live in so much poverty. This shack, which I call my home, is not in good condition. I applied for a house a long time ago and until now there is no answer, please intervene”, he requested Premier Mahumapelo.

Another resident, Hanse Molwane of Rasimone village also expressed his concern about a house he has long applied for but has not been delivered.

“When it is time to sleep, I do not know if I will wake up alive in the morning because this small mud house is in a terrible condition. When it is cold like this, it is even worse for me and my family”, Molwane told the Premier.

Shama Hara, 69, is another resident from Robega village who was pleased to be visited by the number one citizen of the province and his delegation.

She also shared her concerns with the Premier and requested a house from him.

“I have applied for a house more than eight years ago and I am still waiting. All I need is a house for me and my family because we are living in poverty,” she said.

The Premier apologised for the delay in the delivery of houses to the families and promised to ensure that they get prioritised.

He immediately requested the MEC to relook at the housing plan for the two villages and ensure that the families he visited and others with similar conditions get the necessary assistance.

“Clearly these families deserve houses. They cannot continue to live in such conditions”, stated Premier Mahumapelo.