Mahikeng Clean-up campaign commended...

Mahikeng – Public servants who yesterday, Tuesday 06 September,  braved the windy yet sunny morning weather to participate in a cleaning-up campaign have vowed to support government’s effort that seeks to encourage a clean environment and to give Bokone Bophirima’s capital city, Mahikeng, an attractive look.

Led by the Director General, Dr Lydia Sebego, government employees across the ten provincial departments cleaned up the capital city’s surroundings, which included residential areas such as Golf view, Riviera Park, Danville, Megacity, Industrial site, Montshioa and all units’ from 1 to 15.

“Cleaning Mahikeng is an important pillar towards achieving the rebranding, repositioning and renewal of our province, and moving forward we will continue to work together in ensuring cleanliness in our city and its surroundings,” said Dr Lydia Sebego who added that it remains our collective responsibility to keep our environment clean and healthy at all times.

Cautioning residents of Mahikeng to never dump or throw rubbish anywhere, Dr Sebego said, "People are dumping things everywhere, and we seem to forget that littering is an offence.  There are dust bins everywhere we go, special dumping sites in each residential area, and again we seem to be deliberately ignoring their existence. We must as residents of this beautiful city manage waste properly, and commit to be real ambassadors of this cleaning effort.

A clean environment will lead to a clean attitude and behavior”, emphasised Dr Sebego who also applauded public servants for heeding the call to join this cleaning campaign.

Community members applauded the provincial government for the campaign saying it made their city much cleaner.

One of the residents in Unit 15, Morwesi Mosenogi said the streets of her location looked much cleaner than before.

“This is a good initiative which I think must be done regularly in all other parts of Mahikeng if we are serious about cleanliness in our town. I see a huge difference, some of the streets were so dirty in my area and a big thank you to our public servants for their effort,” she said.

Another resident of Unit 13, David Moepeng appreciated the campaign and also urged the local municipality to do something about illegal dumping sites.

“This cleaning campaign is good because our town is dirty mainly due to people dumping things everywhere in any open space”.

The cleaning campaign was initiated as part of the recently launched provincial Social Mobilisation Ten (10) Point Plan campaigns and the broader Mahikeng Rebranding, Repositioning and Renewal Programme (MRRRP).

One of the Ten (10) Point Plan campaigns, the Environmental issues campaign, puts emphasis on promoting and achieving a sustainable clean and healthy environment that is compliant with policies.