R54 million for building of Early Learning Centres...

LETHABONG: The South African National Lotteries Commission (NLC) has handed over R54 million rand to the needy communities for the building of bigger and advanced Early Learning Centres across the Bokone Bophirima province.

Speaking during the handing over ceremony in Lethabong Village on Tuesday, Board Chairperson Alfred Nevhutanda said the funding is part of their efforts to ensure that they contribute in shaping the future of the country.

“One of our responsibilities as the board is to ensure that we support developments in our communities and what is happening here today is merely fulfilling what we are supposed to be doing for our people.

We are happy that the leadership of this province is very supportive and we are confident that the centres will become a reality,” he said also commending the leadership of the province for always being on the ground to ensure that the monies that are given to the communities are used for the intended purpose,” he said.

Expressing her gratitude on behalf of the Bokone Bophirima Premier, Supra Mahumapelo, Social Development MEC, Fenny Gaolaolwe said they will ensure that all the structures are built and used for building the future of the children.

“We are grateful that the NLC responded positively to our call of speed up funding for our people.

We will ensure that through our monitoring unit in the province no money given here today will be wasted on the things that were not intended for,” she said.

The MEC also warned the community not to destroy government infrastructures when they are unhappy about other services.

“It is not intelligent to burn government properties when you are unhappy about something because in future you will come and request government to rebuild the same property.

Our communities must make sure that they take care of these properties because government has huge responsibilities of ensuring that other communities receive the same buildings that you are destroying,” she said.

Tlhaping Early Learning Centre from Ganyesa village in Kagisano Molopo Local Municipality is one of the beneficiaries which received R 3, 8 million.

Centre Manager, Kagiso Kaebis said they are excited about the funding and promise to use the centre more effectively in future for the benefit of his community.

“I am happy that our dreams are becoming true today, with this centre we will be able to accommodate more local kids.

Our appreciation goes to the lottery board and our government for working together in making sure that this day becomes a reality,” he said.

Ithembalethu Early Learning Centre from Lethabong village is another beneficiary that received R 3.8 million.

Susan Tsatsi from the centre has also expressed her gratitude for receiving such funding.

“I am very happy today because this is a day that I have being waiting for a long time.

It’s a big day for our children and my community and I want to thank Lottery for all the effort,” she said.