Statement on the Provincial EXCO Lekgotla meeting...

The EXCO Lekgotla of Bokone Bophirima met on Wednesday 31 August 2016 and made an assessment of the Rebranding, Repositioning and Renewal efforts in the Province.

This is a gathering that is constituted by the Premier, MECs, HODs, Mayors and Municipal Managers and CEOs of State Owned Entities.

After a thorough assessment of the implementation of the 5 concretes, the EXCO Lekgotla appreciated work done to date and has taken several decisive decisions that are intended at taking Bokone Bophirima forward.

Earlier today, Friday 02 September, Premier of Bokone Bophirima SOR Mahumapelo briefed the media about the service delivery plans and firm decisions taken by the EXCO Lekgotla

On Electricity

ESKOM agrees with the Provincial Government to roll out prepaid electricity meters in the Province with special focus in farming areas and should work with Municipalities.

ESKOM notes and appreciates the processes initiated by the Provincial Government to commence the policy process to make it illegal to erect an informal dwelling (shack), without pre-approval from the Municipality.  The Environmental Impact Assessment studies should assist in this regard. Before the end of 2016/17 financial year ESKOM should align its planning and execution with VTSD.

On VTSD Chambers of Commerce

The Lekgotla resolved that by November 2016, the Province should have 864 Village People’s Chambers of Commerce, 73 Township People’s Chambers of Commerce and 23 Small Dorpies People’s Chambers of Commerce.

Strengthening Kgetsi ya Tsie Bursary and Skills Development Fund

The Provincial Government will explore the possibility of encouraging individuals to contribute R1 00 (one rand) towards the Kgetsi ya Tsie (KYT) Bursary and Skills Development Fund, which will be collected for every electricity and water purchases/payments made.  Public opinion will be sought on the matter.

Water and Sanitation

In order to ensure a lasting solution to challenges associated with water tankering, the Lekgotla resolved that we should gradually migrate from tankering to the borehole system.

Government will in this regard work out a plan to provide subsidies for struggling farmers.

The Departments of Water and Sanitation will in working together with Local Government and Human Settlements, decide which Municipalities should be assisted to roll out the prepaid system for water.

Integration of consequence management

A Provincial Integrated Consequence Management regime will be introduced for all Municipalities and Departments to work to ensure it is comprehensively attended.

Integration of APPs and IDPs

To effectively deal with silo operations in government, the Lekgotla resolved that the Provincial Planning Commission will ensure that the integration of Integrated Development Plans (IDPs) and VTSD Plans are incorporated into Annual Performance Plans.

ICT and Communication for Rebranding, Repositioning and Renewal

ICT architecture of the provincial departments and municipalities will be synergized to ensure seamless communication and to avoid duplication of services and wastage of resources. The Province should commence with a phased in approach of Wi-Fi implementation in VTSD areas. The Province will work with the National Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services, to roll out fibre optic.

Shared Services Model

The Lekgotla resolved that municipalities should place more effort on their MIG spending.

Public servants from Provincial Departments will be deployed to Municipalities to assist them. Organizational Development (OD) Specialists will be deployed in Municipalities to assist with normalization of Municipalities’ bloated structures. Committees of Councils should correspond with Provincial Departments and have a Committee dealing with for example, Public Works and Roads issues at municipal level, such as, each Ward having a warehouse for pothole filling material.

Establishment of People’s Economic Growth Agency (PEGA)

The Lekgotla received progress report on work done so far to rationalise some of the State Owned Entities and for the establishment of PEGA, and accordingly appreciated progress registered. It resolved that all matters relating to liabilities and assets of entities that are being rationalised should be concluded.

Cases of alleged corruption reported through the Anti-Corruption Hotline

As per the Premier’s pronouncement in the 2015 SOPA, the Provincial Government continues to receive and deal with reported cases. The Lekgotla noted that so far, a total of 445 cases have been reported. Of this total, 400 have been dealt with and closed, whilst the outstanding 45 cases are still being processed.

Setsokotsane Operation Centre

EXCO Lekgotla appreciated the positive response by Members of Executive Council, who this week, on Tuesday morning, took calls from members of the public through the Setsokotsane Operation Centre, and responded to service delivery issues raised through this platform. The Lekgotla also noted that this public engagement method will be embarked upon every second Wednesday of each month, this with a view to bridge the communication gap between the provincial leaders and the communities, while at the same time accelerating delivery of services to the people of the province.

Duration of the Lekgotla sittings

EXCO Lekgotla welcomed the resolve to reduce the duration of its sittings from the usual 3-days to one (1) day, this as part of the provincial leadership’s effort to do further cost saving. 

Reconciliation, Healing and Renewal (RHR) Programme

The RHR Unit that is located in the Office of the Premier will in working together with the traditional leaders and healers, churches and the department of Social Development, soon embark on a vigorous programme that seeks to deal with the evident moral decay amongst especially the young people in the province.    

Launch of Heritage month

Department of Culture, Arts and Traditional Affairs (CATA) in Bokone Bophirima in partnership with North West Development Corporation (NWDC), will officially launch Heritage month on the 03rd of September 2016 at Lotlamoreng dam.

This year’s theme is “Human Treasures and Legends: Our Living Heritage”. It is abouthonouring and celebrating our Living Human Treasures from various disciplines such as heritage, museology, indigenous knowledge systems, storytelling, knowledge of the natural environment and many other aspects of life.