Taung bridge construction impasse dismissed – Premier Mahumapelo intervenes...

Taung: Members of the five households affected by the construction of a new bridge in Kolong village, Taung, say they have accepted the designs of their new houses and are ready to be relocated.

The families confirmed this earlier today, Tuesday, 19 April, during Premier Supra Mahumapelo’s visit to the area. Premier Mahumapelo visited this area to ascertain for himself, the causes of delay in completing the construction of this bridge and claims that the families were refusing to be relocated.

Ms Flora Mokwena, one of the affected families, told the Premier that the families are waiting for an indication from government, the department of Public Works and Roads, on when and where are they going to be relocated to.

“Rumours that we are refusing to be relocated are unfounded. We have seen the designs of our new houses, and we are happy about them. We are still here because the department is still to update us on when are we going to be relocated, and to where.”

Sharing the same sentiments was Ms Kesebonye Sima, who added that they cannot insist on staying in this area as they will be blocking developments in their area.

Premier Mahumapelo’s visit was propelled by claims that the delay in finalising the construction was as a result of the affected families refusing to relocate and give way for the new bridge to be constructed.

Amongst other stakeholders the Premier met earlier today in his effort to resolve the purported impasse, were the affected five families, Kgosi Nyoko Motlhabane of Batlhaping Baga Maidi, Great Taung Local Municipality Mayor Cllr Kaone Lobelo and the appointed constructor.

“Judging from my engagement with these stakeholders, there could have been a misrepresentation of facts from the implementing department, and this calls for an urgent remedial action. Whilst I am satisfied with the views held by the affected families, it remains necessary to take this matter further”, maintains Premier Mahumapelo.