We want young people who are disciplined and respectful - Premier Mahumapelo...

North West Premier Supra Mahumapelo has urged young people to take their studies seriously, saying that they will not be able to lead the country and help build a better South Africa if they neglect their education.  Mahumapelo was speaking in Brits when he launched his 10 campaigns earlier today.

The launch of the ten campaigns took place at Brits Rugby stadium, the same venue where the Congress of South African Students (COSAS) 37th anniversary was commemorated.

Mahumapelo said one of the campaigns, “Opening the Door of Learning and Culture Campaign,” was directly related to young people.

“We are very happy that COSAS is here today to celebrate their anniversary. We urge them to ensure that young people are disciplined and that they do not engage in unprotected sex or engage in sex prematurely. They must ensure that students stay away from drugs. We want students who listen to their teachers and respect everybody in society.

“As young people you have to study because if you don’t you will not be able to lead our country and help build a better South Africa,” said Mahumapelo.

The ten campaigns includeObesity Awareness Campaign; Building a Non-racial Province Campaign; Opening the Door of Learning and Culture Campaign; Safety, Security, Comfort, Corruption and Crime-free Society Campaign; Environmental Issues Campaign; Women and Children Abuse Awareness Campaign; Sport Development and Participation Campaign; Rates and Tax Payment Campaign; Water and Sanitation Campaign; and Drought Mitigation & Relief Campaign.

Mahumapelo said these campaigns were crucial to ensure a better life for people living in the province. 

Elaborating on each campaign, he said residents must, among others, be encouraged to pay for rates, use waters sparingly and ensure that leaking taps are repaired, adding that people must participate in sporting activities in order to stay healthy.

COSAS President Zama Khanyase said the ten campaigns resonate with her organisation’s “Learn Without Fear Campaign” which she said seeks to address safety issues, use of drugs and sexual abuse of the learners. 

Khanyase said one of the things that COSAS would like to see coming to an end is the burning of schools during protests.